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Cheng-Hsi Chien



Ph.D., National Kaohsiung Normal University(1994)

Current Position

Dean, College of Education, NPTU(2020)Professor

Graduate institute of educational administration National Pingtung University, Taiwan

Executive Director, Taiwan Philosophy of Education Vice President

Taiwan Congress on College General Education

Research Interests

Doctor Chien’s teaching and research interests include Analytic Philosophy of education, moral education, civic education, and political philosophy. He translated numerous classic works of

educational philosophy, such as J. Maritain’s Education at the Crossroads, J. F. Soltis’ An Introduction to the Analysis of Educational Concepts, G. R. Knight’s Philosophy and Education-An Introduction in

Christian Perspective, and R. S. Peters’ Ethics and Education. He is still the author of Philosophy of Education-Ideals, Topics and Practice (2004), Studies in Philosophy of Education-When Analysis

Philosophy Meets Feminism (2005), Films and Life (2010), and Retrospect and Perspectives on Philosophy of Education of the New Century (2015), which are popular in the Chinese world.

Contact Information:

Phone: 886-8-7663800 ext 31000、31470

E-mail: chenghsi@mail.nptu.edu.tw